“one day”

one day you won’t be a volleyball player anymore,
you won’t be able to do what you love, day in and day out.
there won’t be anymore long car rides to practice
or cross-country flights with your teammates.
you won’t stare across that net on the court for games on end.
you won’t pull your knee pads up and lace those shoes again.
there won’t be anymore bruises and floor burns that hurt like a bitch.
you won’t have that routine you do before every match and every serve.
and you won’t lose your voice from screaming like hell for your teammates.
no more early rises and shines, no more morning hustles and late night grinds.

one day your closest teammates will only become distant acquaintances
and volleyball will become what used to be instead of what it is.
eventually, the one thing you looked forward to will come to an end.
the one thing you relied on to relieve your stress and
the one thing that allowed you to escape from all your problems won’t be there anymore.
one day you won’t be a volleyball player,
you’ll just have the memories of one.

so I beg you, cherish these moments right here, right now,
live in it freely, embrace the pain, laugh with you teammates, love your coaches
and everyone who has gotten you to where you stand today.
promise me that you’ll always remember why you play,
who you play for, and who will play because of you.
push yourself 110% and make sure you have no regrets.
leave it all on the court because eventually,
you’ll wish that you could be back on that court,
giving it your all, because even the blood, the sweat, and the tears will dry.
make some damn good memories because one day,
you’ll leave what you once loved and step into the bright,
exciting, unknown future in search of a new love, a new passion,
and these memories will be all you have left from this crazy one hell of a sport.


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